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                                                             LAST UPDATED February 27, 2019  


                              Call Jean @ 717-823-3227 or email hostetler.jean@yahoo.com

                                                         for questions & available inventory! 

                      I will continue to carry No-Fly-Zone Gloves (ON SALE call me)!!

                            ***TOM IS STILL DOING ALL THE SAME GUN WORK THAT

                                                          HE DID ON THE ROAD***

                                        ***RETIRED FROM THE ROAD ONLY***                                            

Tom and I would like to thank everyone for all your business since 2004!! We are getting off the road but will continue to do gun work, gunfitting, lessons, the above NO-FLY-ZONE products and hearing protection at our home in Virginia!! In addition we have lodging available at our home, B & B style.  Also planning to have 5 Stand in the near future!! Please stay in touch and remember us for anything you need done in the future!!  Thanks again, Tom and Jean                                                                               

                                                                    Call 717-572-6165 for Appointment

                 Mail Order Work also call 717-572-6165 and for Information on Shipping




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