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                                                             LAST UPDATED February 27, 2019  


                            ***TOM IS STILL DOING ALL THE SAME GUN WORK THAT

                                                          HE DID ON THE ROAD***

                                        ***RETIRED FROM THE ROAD ONLY***                                            

Tom and I would like to thank everyone for all your business since 2004!! We are getting off the road but will continue to do gun work, gunfitting, lessons, and hearing protection at our home in Virginia!! In addition we have lodging available at our home, B & B style.  Also planning to have 5 Stand in the near future!! Please stay in touch and remember us for anything you need done in the future!!  Thanks again, Tom and Jean                                                                               

                                                                    Call 717-572-6165 for Appointment

                 Mail Order Work also call 717-572-6165 and for Information on Shipping




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